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We previously known as "KAY PEE INSTRUMENTS" had developed range of Testing Instruments mainly related with the "Transformer and Switch Gear Industries." We are market leader in development and manufacturing of Testing Instruments for Electrical Power Industries and Utilities since last five successful years.

Testing instruments offers fast, expert and efficient product testing, inspection and certification solutions. Our queue times are as fast as 3 days and we provide a 24-hour turnaround on quotes.

Testing of electrical and electronic components is a means to access the functionality and durability of an entire part, verifying that the component will work under its specified loading conditions for the entirely of its rated life. Testing provides a controlled approach to simulating testing procedures, allowing manufacturers to verify and analyze their data in variety of new ways. To help you meet OEM's growing demands for precise, efficient testing procedures that deliver innovation, quality and cost reduction, Testing Instruments offers additional capacity and consistency for more accurate test results to enhance your quality processes and long term success.

We are well known for continuous development in our products. We also keep our sharp eye on user-friendly designs so every user can be familiar with testing job.

Our main goal is full customer satisfaction in any circumstances, timely delivery and minimum rejection ratio, very reliable products with ease of use and user-friendly designs of instrument accessories. Our efforts makes ease of use and low time consuming for Testing. We had developed products which comprehensively fulfilled the requirement of local and international standards specifications.

Our designing potentiality in manufacturing keeps us on top and revert us with full customer satisfaction. Our engineering team understands the requirement of user and as per that the best suitable designs we procure, besides our general standard designs.

Due to our dedication to complete customer satisfaction and continuous development in terms of technical subject as well user-friendly designs of accessories, our turnaround time which is second-to-none in the industries, we had a large customer base in leading government and semi-government sectors, power industries, local agencies state electricity boards and much more.

Our Product ranges are High Current Injectors, Relay Test Sets, Circuit Breaker Timer, Oil BDV Test Set, Transformer Turns Ratio as well Voltage Ratio Tester, High Voltage Test Set (AC/DC), Winding Resistance Test Set (WRM), Contact Resistance Meter (CRM), Transformer Testing Panel, Transformer Routine Test Set, Cable Route Marker, Motor Testing Panel, Load Bank and much more solutions to all your electrical parameter testing needs...

Our other firm is well experienced in being manufacturing of Control Transformers, Servo Stabilizers, C.V.T., R.V.T., Resin Cast Dry type Transformers, etc., and repairing of same products of all type of other brands.